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Balsam Rain Barrel
New Color - Balsam Green

the spruce creek rain barrel . . .
uncompromising quality, superior function and unequalled design

Spruce Creek RainSaver

New! Balsam-Green
Terra-Cotta & Original Moss-Green

Prepare for droughts, save water and enjoy great garden function with this premium, efficient, durable and Attractive Rain Barrel. Beautiful design is suitable for quality home and garden settings that demand character rather than castaway appearance. You'll find performance and function that is unequalled by any other product on the market.

Quality features such as solid brass spigot, aluminum intake screen, wood grain detailing and natural color choices make this functional and desirable Rain Barrel a true asset. Just one quarter inch of rain on a small 500 sq. ft roof will completely fill this 54 gallon water resource, enabling you to save precious water for multiple outdoor needs.

The high volume automatic overflow can be extended to direct excess collected rainwater to distant trees, shrubs, gardens or planting beds to soak essential areas when rain arrives. Securely screened to prevent insect entry . . . closed design prevents children, pets or wildlife from accidents . . . and this Rain Barrel arrives fully assembled for quick easy setup.

You'll find this Rainsaver is the #1 rain barrel for quality, function and design on the market today. Created to capture natures renewable resources while providing great function for runoff control and water conservation.

Molded from partially recycled material, our rain barrels are created with tasteful tones that penetrate the full thickness of the barrel so color will not scratch off or fade away. Carefully blended materials are intended to complement and enhance the natural surroundings of homes, gardens or public structures. This is a Rain Barrel you can be proud to display and does not need to be hidden behind the back shed or garage.

Designed from the ground up, our Rainsaver is built to provide exceptional function too. A solid brass threaded spigot allows dispensing to a watering can or you can hook a hose up to the lower access point using the provided adapter. A recessed intake surface acts like a large funnel collecting water as it arrives from your downspout. This design feature provides simple setup because you do not need to precisely connect metal fittings directly into the barrel. It also enables tightly fitted mosquito screens to remain securely in place and prevents water backing up the downspout during flash storms.

We are the manufacturer . . . and quite simply . . . if you are looking for the best quality Rain Barrel on the market, the field is narrowed to one . . . The Spruce Creek Rainsaver. Always in stock and delivered via Fed Ex Ground.

- stores 54 gallons
- fully assembled for easy setup
- one piece closed design prevents access of
children, pets and wildlife.
- brass spigot for attaching garden hose
- automatic overflow with 6 foot hose
(high volume rather than standard garden hose)
- secure double screen keeps out insects and
filters heavy debris from entering rain barrel
- Size 23" round and 36" tall
- durable, thick, food grade polyethylene plastic
- partial content pre-consumer recycled
- linkable with connector
- made in USA - support our economy

Spruce Creek Rainsaver In Stock
Sale $99.00

Shipping anywhere in contiguous United States is estimated to be less than 5 business days after order is completed.
Shipping each barrel is $39.00 via Ground Delivery.
Charge will appear on your credit card statement as "PAYPAL *RAIN TANK S"

  Terra Cotta Rain Barrel
Terra Cotta

Moss Green Rain Barrel
The Original - Moss Green


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